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Presbyopia correcting IOLs for phakic and pseudophakic eyes

We are proud to announce that EuroTimes magazine published by the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) has just released a supplement issue entitled ‘Presbyopia Correcting IOLs for Phakic & Pseudophakic Eyes - EPS Technology: A Special Concept with Multiple Applications’.
This special issue was dedicated to the trifocal intraocular lenses of our company, Medicontur, giving a detailed insight into the optical principles behind the Liberty trifocal lens family and clinical evidence-based on excellent clinical outcomes. The articles discuss not only post-surgical spectacle independence but also the high quality of vision, as well as premium features of the lenses: refractive and rotational stability and PCO-protection.

Medicontur’s novel EPS concept is now available for not only phakic but also for pseudophakic patients: the 1stQ AddOn lenses has brought freedom from spectacles also for pseudophakic patients along with safe implantation in the ciliary sulcus.


1stQ AddOn - Trifocal Surgeon Brochure
2021. november 23.
Planned Dual-lens Application Surgeon
2021. november 23.
1stQ AddOn - Indication
2021. november 23.
1stQ AddOn - Science Brief
2021. november 23.