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Extended Depth of Focus with the Bi-Flex ELON IOL

Empowered by Wavefront Linking technology for an elongated depth of field.


Non-diffractive Extended Depth of Focus (EDoF) IOLs represent the latest generation of presbyopia-correcting IOLs. Using various physical or optical principles, these lenses aim to satisfy patients’ visual needs with an active lifestyle while minimizing the risk of dysphotopsia compared to diffractive technologies. This article introduces Medicontur’s latest innovation, the ELON IOL, as a new option within the non-diffractive EDoF IOL category. The article describes ELON’s proprietary Wavefront Linking technology that is designed to create a true ELONgated Focus and presents the first clinical experiences of ELON user.


To achieve the goal of creating a true EDoF IOL with minimal optical disturbances, Medicontur developed Wavefront Linking. This proprietary non-diffractive technology is based on a series of central concentric refractive zones varying in curvature linked by specially designed linking zones.
Wavefront Linking causes light energy to be distributed continuously along the optical axis. The focal points are connected, resulting in a singular elongated focus that is useful across the entire range of vision.
Compared to EDoF designs that are based on aspheric surfaces, Wavefront Linking technology enables a more flexible modification of light energy distribution that results in higher intermediate light intensity and a wider range of functional vision. Because it contains no diffractive rings, Wavefront Linking technology lowers the risk of visual disturbances compared to diffractive EDoF solutions.

Visit the dedicated website of the ELON lens for more details!