Research & Development


The Research & Development division of Medicontur has made dynamic progress over the past two years regarding both workforce and available resources, and our activities are built upon 5 pillars:

1. Young and creative development team

mechanical engineers possessing knowledge of optics and manufacturing technologies
chemical engineers familiar with polymer technologies
production engineers with more than 10 years of experience in IOL manufacturing and measurement technology

2. Advanced product design methods

3D modelling with mechanical engineering CAD system
optical modelling with ray tracing method
finite element analysis to model mechanical behavior

3. Raw material research & development

polymer technology experimental laboratory
production and measurement equipment specifically for manufacturing strictly controlled raw materials

4. Measurement technology – measurements under in-situ circumstances

measurement of raw material properties (material composition, refractive index, transmission)
measurement of optical properties (lens geometry, dioptre, resolution)
measurement of mechanical properties (haptical force, injectability)

5. Technology development

generating CNC manufacturing programs from CAD model
experimental workshop and laboratory to manufacture prototypes and test products
materials science laser microscopy to examine the micro structure of optical surfaces
manufacturing automation

Based on the above we currently develop and manufacture new IOL products and surgical accessories at Medicontur. This includes our lens family based on hydrophobic raw materials, progressive varifocal lenses, toric lenses with high cylinder value, pre-filled injection systems and various other high quality optical products.

External assistance accelerates the work of the development team, and when fulfilling special partial tasks, we utilize university and research institutions, and internationally acknowledged specialists of certain professional areas.

All these factors together ensured that Medicontur now belongs in the forefront of the world IOL industry, and is a competitor of the largest multinational manufacturers in terms of innovation, product quality, and product potential.