Quality Assurance

The quality policy mission of Medicontur
Excellent from good - Maximum quality with harmonized systems and processes

The quality policy vision of Medicontur
Only we may find defects in the quality of our products and services

To implement the above:

Medicontur continuously works on maintaining and further strengthening the confidence of the market and the customers.

All members of the Medicontur team identify themselves with the company’s goals, are totally committed to these goals, and the realization of their individual and organizational goals aimed at implementing them.

The systems installed and operated at Medicontur target the most efficient implementation of the company’s mission. The efficiency of the system enables us to keep track of customers' feedback and the latest advances in science, as well as the prompt realization and implementation of the company’s innovations based on this.

Medicontur’s quality management system fully complies with domestic and international laws, standards and provisions. Medicontur continuously maintains compliance with the prevailing requirements of EN ISO 13485:2016 and 93/42/EEC. However, quality is not just utmost compliance with standards and provisions, but is the basic determinant of all Medicontur systems.

Medicontur’s management takes it as an obligation and pays unceasing attention to employ and retain fellow workers who possess the best abilities, to bring their abilities to light, and to develop and enhance these skills through the implementation of their individual as well as organizational ambitions.