Our Mission & Values

Our mission

Medicontur has the ambition to develop, manufacture and distribute the most innovative eye care devices to

  • Offer surgeons and their teams high quality products, specifically created to conduct refractive cataract surgery at the highest level of safety, predictability and comfort - especially with micro and mini incisions
  • Guarantee patients of all ages a real improvement in their quality of life through the recovery of better vision, with no induced astigmatism after refractive cataract surgery.

Medical Missions - the Vision of generosity

Many organizations run missions undertaken by doctors who voluntarily donate their time and expertise to the poorest people who would not otherwise have the opportunity to recover their sight.
These non-profit organizations would never achieve their mission without the support and donations of companies manufacturing high quality intra-ocular lenses such as Medicontur.

Medicontur is proud to support the organizations whose ambition is to restore sight to people in developing countries, by offering the necessary intra-ocular lenses.

As an example, Medicontur directly supported and sponsored a medical mission to Vietnam in 2010.
There, voluntary surgeons - heads of departments, seniors and medical practitioners - operated on about 200 people over two weeks:

  • 150 Medicontur IOLs were implanted during phaco procedures.
  • An additional 50 Medicontur IOLs, along with surgical tools, were left to assist the local doctors.
  • Local ophthalmologists were trained in the latest techniques to help them to continue to make qualitative surgery.

Our values

Medicontur’s commitment in its mission implies respect of these key values:

  • Human benefit: surgeons and patients first

Each stage of any Medicontur project is linked to our strong commitment to improve the quality of the surgeons’ daily work and the quality of their patients’ life. All our efforts are for their benefit, with a strong sense of ethics. This a value clearly illustrated by Medicontur’s substantial support of humanitarian actions conducted worldwide, to assist some of the most deprived people recover their vision.

  • Innovation: for anticipating and serving the latest market demand

Medicontur’s efforts in developing the most innovative devices for eye health is easily recognized through ourscientifically driven renewed offer, especially noticeable with our IOLs being unique. To make the difference and lead the market through advanced assets is also linked to improved designs and materials. This innovation policy positively supports surgeons in their own campaign to constantly improve processes in the domain of refractive cataract surgery with micro or mini incisions.

  • Quality from a company set up in an enviable scientific territory

What is quality? - Much more than the respect and compliance of specifications. Much more than registrations, labels and agreements… Quality at Medicontur is the result of the combined synergy of all employees’ efforts, whatever their department: R&D, manufacturing, regulatory, marketing… Individual performance, all culminating, resulting in a high level of quality which surgeons and patients can benefit from. This quality culture is deeply implanted in our company.