First class material for Inflammation Control


Only an IOL made of first class material can offer constant optic quality & improved safety.

FlexVet IOLs are manufactured from a long-time proven 25% hydrophilic copolymer material, optimally combining hydrophilic and hydrophobic monomers for

  • controlling inflammation
  • low risk of fibrin reaction
  • easy folding and implantation


Smooth continuous gliding of the IOL inside the cartridge, low injection force.
Immediate, symmetric and atraumatic unfolding inside the capsular bag.

FlexVet IOLs material offers permanent optic quality as a result of

  • unequaled transparency
  • optimal refraction power of 42 D, minimizing the risk of undercorrection.

FlexVet IOLs material offers improved safety with

  • optimized biocompatibility
  • low ionicity surface for minimized rates of cells adhesion.


First class design for Perfect Stability

Specific polish-free manufacturing process and specific design characterize all FlexVet IOLs with a sharp square edge, all over 360° including the optic-haptic junction zone.

Studies have highlighted the essential role of the optics profile design – especially
the existence of a square edge all around the optic – to control cell migration.

Large contact angle

Only a specific design offering a large contact angle and adequate haptics resistance can provide long-term stability and ultimate centration.

FlexVet IOLs benefits from all assets of the FlexVet platform design characteristics

  • for reproducible centration of the IOL
  • for axial, radial and rotational stability
  • for adaptation to different shapes and sizes of capsular bags.

A 0° angulation

  • for a pressure free ciliary area, reducing the risk of glaucoma
  • to easily remove all viscoelastic gel from behind the IOL after surgery
  • to improve refraction stability.

FlexVet IOLs are available in three sizes for adaptation to the capsular bag.